The Mirror

The Empty Robot
“No matter how many planets and stars are reflected in a lake,
these reflections are encompassed within the water itself.”
- Dudjom Lingpa

The mirror rests on the wall.

Within the mirror is the hallway, the clock, the wall, the window, the lake, the mountains, the stars and sky.

The clock hands move, yet the mirror itself remains unchanged.

The mirror has no influence over its contents, the contents just appear.

The sun rises and sets, yet the mirror itself remains unchanged.

There is no limit to the contents of the mirror, it contains all that exists within.

Your mind is like that mirror.

It reflects all that arise in awareness and yet itself remains unchanged.

Just as there is no limit to what reflections appear in the mirror, there is no limit to what appears in the mind.

And when we look out at the world, what we see is a world which arises within.

Sit in silence and observe the reflections which appear as reality.

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