Tipiṭaka ("The Pāli Canon")

The Tipiṭaka, also known as the Pāli Cannon, is the most complete early Buddhist cannons and contein the core scriptures of Theravāda Buddhism. The word Tipiṭaka means “Three Baskets” due to being in three main sections:

Vinaya Piṭaka (“Basket of Discipline”)

Monastic rules of conduct for monks and nuns.

  • Suttavibhaṅga: Pāṭimokkha and commentary
  • Mahāvibhaṅga: rules for monks
  • Bhikkhunīvibhaṅga: rules for nuns
  • Khandhaka: 22 chapters on various topics
  • Parivāra: analyses of rules from various points of view

Sutta Piṭaka (“Basket of Discourses”)

The largest basket, contains discourses, sermons of Buddha, and some religious poetry.

Abhidhamma Piṭaka (“Basket of Systematic Treatises”)

Treatises that elaborate Buddhist doctrines, particularly about mind, also called the “systematic philosophy” basket.

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