DN18.1. Declaring the Rebirths of People From Nādika and Elsewhere

Janavasabha Sutta ("With Janavasabha")

SO I HAVE HEARD. At one time the Buddha was staying at Nādika in the brick house.

Now at that time the Buddha was explaining the rebirths of devotees all over the nations; the Kāsis and Kosalans, Vajjis and Mallas, Cetīs and Vaṁsas, Kurus and Pañcālas, Macchas and Sūrasenas:

“This one was reborn here, while that one was reborn there.

Over fifty devotees in Nādika have passed away having ended the five lower fetters. They’ve been reborn spontaneously, and will be extinguished there, not liable to return from that world.

More than ninety devotees in Nādika have passed away having ended three fetters, and weakened greed, hate, and delusion. They’re once-returners, who will come back to this world once only, then make an end of suffering.

In excess of five hundred devotees in Nādika have passed away having ended three fetters. They’re stream-enterers, not liable to be reborn in the underworld, bound for awakening.”

When the devotees of Nādika heard about the Buddha’s answers to those questions, they were uplifted and overjoyed, full of rapture and happiness.

Venerable Ānanda heard of the Buddha’s statements and the Nādikans’ happiness.

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