DN11.2. The Demonstration of Revealing

Kevaṭṭa Sutta ("With Kevaddha")

And what is the demonstration of revealing? In one case, someone reveals the mind, mentality, thoughts, and reflections of other beings and individuals: ‘This is what you’re thinking, such is your thought, and thus is your state of mind.’

Then someone with faith and confidence sees that mendicant revealing another person’s thoughts. They tell someone else who lacks faith and confidence: ‘It’s incredible, it’s amazing! The ascetic has such psychic power and might! I saw him myself, revealing the thoughts of another person!’

But the one lacking faith and confidence would say to them: ‘There’s a spell named Māṇikā. Using that a mendicant can reveal another person’s thoughts.’

What do you think, Kevaddha? Wouldn’t someone lacking faith speak like that?”

“They would, sir.”

“Seeing this drawback in psychic power, I’m horrified, repelled, and disgusted by demonstrations of psychic power.

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