DN5.4.3. Four More Accessories

Kūṭadanta Sutta ("With Kūṭadanta")

And the brahmin high priest had four factors.

He was well born on both his mother’s and father’s side, of pure descent, irrefutable and impeccable in questions of ancestry back to the seventh paternal generation.

He recited and remembered the hymns, and had mastered the three Vedas, together with their vocabularies, ritual, phonology and etymology, and the testament as fifth. He knew philology and grammar, and was well versed in cosmology and the marks of a great man.

He was ethical, mature in ethical conduct.

He was astute and clever, being the first or second to hold the sacrificial ladle.

These are the four factors that the brahmin high priest possessed. And so these four factors also became accessories to the sacrifice.

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