DN19.4. Eight Genuine Praises

Maha-Govinda Sutta ("The Great Steward")

Then Brahmā said to Sakka, ‘It would be good, lord of gods, if I could also hear the eight genuine praises of the Buddha.’

Saying, ‘Yes, Great Brahmā,’ Sakka repeated the eight genuine praises for him.

Hearing them, Brahmā Sanaṅkumāra was uplifted and overjoyed, full of rapture and happiness. Then Brahmā Sanaṅkumāra manifested in a solid corporeal form, taking on the appearance of the youth Pañcasikha, and appeared to the gods of the Thirty-Three. Rising into the air, he sat cross-legged in the sky, like a strong man might sit cross-legged on a well-appointed couch or on level ground. There he addressed the gods of the Thirty-Three:

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