DN19.6. The Story of the Great Steward

Maha-Govinda Sutta ("The Great Steward")

So King Disampati addressed one of his men, “Please, mister, go to the student Jotipāla, and say to him, ‘Best wishes, Jotipāla! You are summoned by King Disampati; he wants to see you.’”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” replied that man, and did as he was asked. Then Jotipāla went to the king and exchanged greetings with him.

When the greetings and polite conversation were over, he sat down to one side, and the king said to him, “May you, Jotipāla, manage my affairs—please don’t turn me down! I shall appoint you to your father’s position, and anoint you as Steward.”

“Yes, sir,” replied Jotipāla.

So the king anointed him as Steward and appointed him to his father’s position. After his appointment, the Steward Jotipāla managed both the affairs that his father had managed, and other affairs that his father had not managed. He organized both the works that his father had organized, and other works that his father had not organized. When people noticed this they said, “The brahmin is indeed a Steward, a Great Steward!” And that’s how the student Jotipāla came to be known as the Great Steward.

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