DN17.3. The Four Blessings

Mahasudassana Sutta ("King Mahāsudassana")

King Mahāsudassana possessed four blessings. And what are the four blessings?

He was attractive, good-looking, lovely, of surpassing beauty, more so than other people. This is the first blessing.

Furthermore, he was long-lived, more so than other people. This is the second blessing.

Furthermore, he was rarely ill or unwell, and his stomach digested well, being neither too hot nor too cold, more so than other people. This is the third blessing.

Furthermore, he was as dear and beloved to the brahmins and householders as a father is to his children. And the brahmins and householders were as dear to the king as children are to their father.

Once it so happened that King Mahāsudassana went with his army of four divisions to visit a park. Then the brahmins and householders went up to him and said, ‘Slow down, Your Majesty, so we may see you longer!’ And the king addressed his charioteer, ‘Drive slowly, charioteer, so I can see the brahmins and householders longer!’ This is the fourth blessing.

These are the four blessings possessed by King Mahāsudassana.

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