DN17.2.6. The Householder Treasure

Mahasudassana Sutta ("King Mahāsudassana")

Next, the householder-treasure appeared to King Mahāsudassana. The power of clairvoyance manifested in him as a result of past deeds, by which he sees hidden treasure, both owned and ownerless.

He approached the king and said, ‘Relax, sire. I will take care of the treasury.’

Once it so happened that the wheel-turning monarch, testing that same householder-treasure, boarded a boat and sailed to the middle of the Ganges river. Then he said to the householder-treasure, ‘Householder, I need gold coins and bullion.’

‘Well then, great king, draw the boat up to one shore.’

‘It’s right here, householder, that I need gold coins and bullion.’

Then that householder-treasure, immersing both hands in the water, pulled up a pot full of gold coin and bullion, and said to the king, ‘Is this sufficient, great king? Has enough been done, great king, enough offered?’

The king said, ‘That is sufficient, householder. Enough has been done, enough offered.’

Such is the householder-treasure that appeared to King Mahāsudassana.

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