DN31.1. The Six Quarters

Sigalovada Sutta("Advice to Sigālaka")

“Householder’s son, that’s not how the six quarters should be revered in the training of the noble one.”

“But sir, how should the six quarters be revered in the training of the noble one? Sir, please teach me this.”

“Well then, householder’s son, listen and pay close attention, I will speak.”

“Yes, sir,” replied Sigālaka. The Buddha said this:

“Householder’s son, a noble disciple gives up four corrupt deeds, doesn’t do bad deeds on four grounds, and avoids six drains on wealth. When they’ve left these fourteen bad things behind they have the six quarters covered. They’re practicing to win in both worlds, and they succeed in this world and the next. When their body breaks up, after death, they’re reborn in a good place, a heavenly realm.

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