SN.1.19. Kuṭikāsutta ("Little Hut")

Saṁyutta Nikāya ("The Linked Discourses")

“Don’t you have a little hut?
Don’t you have a little nest?
Don’t you have any networks?
Aren’t you free of shackles?”

“Indeed I have no little hut.
Indeed I have no little nest.
Indeed I have no networks.
Indeed I’m free from shackles.”

“What do you think I call a little hut?
What do I call a little nest?
What do you think I call a network?
And what do I call a shackle?”

“You call a mother a little hut;
and a wife a little nest.
You call children a network,
and you tell me craving’s a shackle.”

“It’s good you have no little hut!
It’s good you have no little nest!
It’s good you have no networks!
And good that you’re free from shackles.”

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