SN.1.76. Najīratisutta ("Getting Old")

Saṁyutta Nikāya ("The Linked Discourses")

“What gets old, what doesn’t grow old?
What’s called a deviation?
What’s a roadblock for skillful qualities?
What is ending day and night?
What’s the stain of celibacy?
What’s the waterless bath?

How many holes are there in the world,
where one’s wealth leaks out?
We’ve come to ask the Buddha;
how are we to understand this?”

“The physical form of mortals gets old,
but their name and clan don’t.
Lust is called a deviation,

and greed obstructs skillful qualities.
Youth is ending day and night.
Women are the stain of celibacy,
to which this generation clings.
Austerity and celibacy
are the waterless bath.

There are six holes in the world,
where one’s wealth leaks out:
laziness and negligence,
lack of initiative and lack of restraint,
sleepiness and sloth.
You should completely get rid of these holes!”

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