SN.2.10. Sūriyasutta ("The Sun")

Saṁyutta Nikāya ("The Linked Discourses")

At Sāvatthī.

Now at that time the Sun God had been seized by Rāhu, lord of demons. Then the Sun God, recollecting the Buddha, at that time recited this verse:

“Homage to you, Buddha, hero!
You’re everywhere free.
I’ve wandered into confinement:
be my refuge!”

Then the Buddha addressed Rāhu in verse concerning the Sun God:

“The Sun God has gone for refuge
to the Realized One, the perfected one.
Rāhu, release the Sun!
Buddhas have compassion for the world!

He shines a light in the darkness,
the blazing sun, circle of magnificent flame.
Rāhu, do not swallow him as he traverses the sky.
Rāhu, release my progeny, the Sun!”

Then Rāhu, having released the Sun, rushed to see Vepacitti, lord of demons and stood to one side, shocked and awestruck. Vepacitti addressed him in verse:

“Why the rush?
Rāhu, you released the Sun
and came here looking like you’re in shock:
why do you stand there so scared?”

“My head would have exploded in seven pieces,
I would have found no joy in life,
if, when enchanted by the Buddha’s spell,
I had not released the Sun.”

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