SN.4.18. Piṇḍasutta ("Alms Food")

Saṁyutta Nikāya ("The Linked Discourses")

At one time the Buddha was staying in the land of the Magadhans near the brahmin village of Pañcasālā.

Now at that time in Pañcasālā the young women were taking care of guests. Then the Buddha robed up in the morning and, taking his bowl and robe, entered Pañcasālā for alms.

Now at that time Māra had possessed the brahmins and householders of Pañcasālā, so that they thought, “Don’t let the ascetic Gotama get any alms!”

Then the Buddha left the village with his bowl as clean-washed as it was when he entered for alms.

Then Māra the Wicked went up to the Buddha and said to him, “Well, ascetic, did you get any alms?”

“Wicked One, did you make sure I didn’t get any alms?”

“Well then, sir, let the Buddha enter Pañcasālā a second time for alms. I’ll make sure you get alms.”

“Māra’s made bad karma
in attacking the Realized One.
Wicked One, do you imagine that
your wickedness won’t bear fruit?

Let us live so very happily,
we who have nothing.
We shall feed on rapture,
like the gods of streaming radiance.”

Then Māra the Wicked, thinking, “The Buddha knows me! The Holy One knows me!” miserable and sad, vanished right there.

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