SN.46.17. Pāraṅgamasutta ("Going to the Far Shore")

Saṁyutta Nikāya ("The Linked Discourses")

“Mendicants, when these seven awakening factors are developed and cultivated they lead to going from the near shore to the far shore. What seven? The awakening factors of mindfulness, investigation of principles, energy, rapture, tranquility, immersion, and equanimity. These seven awakening factors, when developed and cultivated, lead to going from the near shore to the far shore.

Few are those among humans
who cross to the far shore.
The rest just run
around on the near shore.

When the teaching is well explained,
those who practice accordingly
are the ones who will cross over
Death’s domain so hard to pass.

Rid of dark qualities,
an astute person should develop the bright.
Leaving home behind
for the seclusion so hard to enjoy,

you should try to find delight there,
having left behind sensual pleasures.
With no possessions, an astute person
should cleanse themselves of mental corruptions.

And those whose minds are rightly developed
in the awakening factors;
letting go of attachments,
they delight in not grasping.
With defilements ended, brilliant,
they are extinguished in this world.”

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