SN.9.8. Kulagharaṇīsutta ("The Mistress of the House")

Saṁyutta Nikāya ("The Linked Discourses")

At one time one of the monks was staying in the land of the Kosalans in a certain forest grove.

Now at that time that monk had become too closely involved in the affairs of a certain family. The deity haunting that forest had compassion for that monk, wanting what’s best for him. So, wanting to stir him up, they manifested in the appearance of the mistress of that family, approached the monk, and addressed him in verse:

“On the banks of the rivers and in the guest houses,
in meeting halls and highways,
people come together and gossip:
what’s going on between you and me?”

“There are lots of annoying sounds
that an austere ascetic must endure.
But they mustn’t be dismayed by that,
for that’s not what defiles you.

If you’re startled by every little sound,
like a wind-deer in the wood,
they’ll call you ‘flighty minded’;
and your practice won’t succeed.”

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