What is Indeterminism (a definition)

Indeterminism is the belief that not everything that happens in the universe can be determined by previous events and conditions. Indeterminism states that events are probabilistic, rather than caused deterministically. This is in contrast to determinism which states that all events are determined by previous states and conditions.

Contrast to Determinism

The main difference between determinism and indeterminism is the introduction of chance and probabilities. Whereas with determinism one could predict the outcome given all states and laws of nature, with indeterminism, there is a only probability that the outcome will happen.

Indeterminism and Science (Quantum Mechanics)

Quantum mechanics, according to the Copenhagen interpretation, is non-deterministic which has led some scientists to argue in favor of a universe which is non-deterministic. Scientists who believe the universe is deterministic have argued that the current quantum theory is incomplete, and that there is something, such as a hidden-variable, that we do not yet understand and once understood would give us a deterministic theory.

Indeterminism, Free will, and Morality

As opposed to determinism, Indeterminism opens up the door for free will which can, according to some philosophers, help address the morality dilemma that some believe is created by removing choice from human behavior.